How to Effectively Send Items to Kenya

How to Effectively Send Items to Kenya

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  • On March 4, 2014
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Only a little less than a half century ago, Kenya was the crown jewel of the British Empire.
After the colony became its own country in 1963, the British Postal System retreated to
merry old England and Kenya was left to figure out how to ship and receive goods in the
world market.

Unfortunately, it has continued to be a struggle. Routinely, “big name” shippers charge a
small fortune for even the most humble item and the mere thought of trying to get a piece of
personal mail to an individual “up country” has stymied many a letter-writer.
Despite the gains in the country over the last decade – it is the economic powerhouse of East
Africa and the clear leader in GDP for much of the continent.
So why is it such a struggle to ship there?
Nobody seems to know.

On the other hand, when you solve that one little problem – high costs and deliverability –
Kenya is a mecca for business.
Guess what? Cargo Commercial ltd did solve it. We now offer the most cost effective and
secure shipping to Kenya from the UK and since Britain and Kenya have such a strong
economic relationship, customs and duties are much easier to figure out and work through
than with many other countries.

In fact, Kenya has a very straightforward importation system – made available through the
Kenya Revenue Authority – which clearly states what can and cannot be brought into the
country or sent out of it. Just as importantly, again owing to the strong relationship that
Kenya and Britain share, certifications for importation to Kenya are easily had through
several British companies.

The real beauty of this relationship is that once you solve the problem of secure shipping,
getting items into Kenya for distribution to cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, or even Kisumu is
easy when you use Cargo Commercial ltd and take advantage of our air cargo shipping to
Kenya from the UK. No more trying to understand incomprehensible charges, no more
wondering if shipping something is worth it, and no more overpriced fees for packages that
never arrive or are damaged in transit.

Cargo Commercial opens up Kenya for cost effective air cargo shipping from the United
Kingdom. No matter what city, we can help you to get your products there in a timely fashion.
Need to send business materials to Mombasa? No problem. Network Routers to Nairobi?
We’ll handle it! How about shipping kettles to Kisumu? We can help you out.

No matter what the products you need and where you might need them, Cargo Commercial
ltd will gladly help you to get those items to Kenya and even assist you once they are on the
ground, whether through warehousing or our courier networks.
We look forward to serving you in all your shipping needs.


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