Our Services

Our Services

We Provide Products Allover The World by Our Transport Systems

Door to door Air Freight

  • Door to door cargo service from UK, EU and China including Taxes and duty in Kenya.
  • Competitive price
  • Spot rate for heavy items
  • Discount for corporate accounts
  • 5 days delivery service

Airport to airport air freight

  • We provide world wide Airport to Nairobi or Mombasa airport service
  • Spot rate for heavy items
  • Discount for corporate accounts
  • 3 days turnaround airport delivery

Collection Service

  • UK-wide Inland same day Collection for your goods and parcels
  • 24 / 7 uk-wide Inland & EU Collection service
  • EU collection service within 5 days

Custom clearance

  • Custom clearance Nairobi or Mombasa airport
  • Duty paid door delivery

Express document delivery service

  • Door to Door documents delivery
  • 48 hours express delivery service

Express courier service

  • Offers a cost effective solution for international courier services.
  • 48 hours express courier service
  • Maximum weight limit 30 kg per box

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